Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects

When a weight loss supplement comes along that actually works, skeptics come out of the woodwork.

This is a good thing for consumers – we never want to be blindly trusting companies to verify the safety of their products. Often times, these skeptics perform studies and look at the working mechanisms of the chemicals within a compound to see if it’s safe to ingest…

…and very frequently, the analyzed supplements are not.

Considering the popularity of garcinia, these skeptics are out in full force. To anyone trying to lose weight, their findings have been reassuring.

The verdict: garcinia cambogia is safe short term

safeThe only regulation on garcinia has been with a single company in 2009. At the time, that company decided to release an “enhanced” version of it – basically, this meant that there were a bunch of unnecessary filler ingredients and a higher price tag.

Eventually, word came back that the filler ingredients were harmful to the liver, and the FDA banned this one company from selling garcinia in any way.

This ban came from the untested filler ingredients, thoughnot the garcinia itself.

Lesson learned: only buy pure garcinia extract. (Click here for our source on pure, cheap extract.)

1-3 month usage periods

There have been countless studies done with garcinia in the 1-3 month range.

The only noticeable “side effect” was weight loss – and that’s a positive one. There have not been any studies whatsoever where someone started taking garcinia and developed any sort of irritation or sickness like you might find with prescription weight loss medications. (Yuck.)

3+ months of usage

There haven’t been a whole lot of studies conducted on extended usage of garcinia. However, this shouldn’t turn you off of it as a whole – chances are, if you’re using it for weight loss, you’ll stop seeing benefits from it after three months, anyways. (This is why seeing 3-packs of garcinia bottles is so common.)

We don’t recommend taking garcinia for more than three months until further studies come out. However, we can safely conclude that with only moderate usage and no conflicting medications (explained further below), garcinia is 100% safe.

Potential side effects of garcinia

side effectsBy and large, garcinia users reported absolutely nothing but weight loss from taking the supplement. However, everything you ingest affects your body in some way, shape, or form – a small portion of users will always report minor side effects. Here are the minor ones sometimes reported for garcinia:

  1. Headache
  2. Upset stomach (this is almost 100% due to not taking garcinia with a meal, as you need to)
  3. Dry mouth / dizziness (only right after taking the dose – very infrequent side effect)

Don’t let these effects scare you off of taking garcinia – when you get a bottle, the chances of experiencing them are close to zero. We’re just trying to give you an overall view of the supplement without being biased towards its positive weight loss effects.

Existing medications affecting garcinia

Because of the HCA in garcinia, it’s not recommended to take it if you’re already on one of these prescription medications:

  • Most asthma medications
  • Diabetes medication of any kind
  • Pain medications (Vicodin, etc.)
  • Any medication that lowers cholesterol
  • Any medication that addresses a psychiatric problem

If you’re on one of these medications, it’s worth paying a visit to your doctor to see if it’s safe. After all, losing weight is the goal, but getting sick as a result of that weight loss is definitely not.

How much to take + how to take it

To take garcinia correctly, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on dosage. Don’t think that taking two pills one day (instead of one) will make you lose weight faster – it won’t. All that will do is cause you trouble – it’s sort of like how doubling the dosage of Tylenol does nothing to help your headache and only hurts your liver.

And as we mentioned before, take it with a meal. You need something to “activate” your stomach and digest the garcinia. If you have nothing in your stomach, the pill goes down and just sits there until you eat food or throw it up – it’s very uncomfortable.

Conclusion: garcinia is safe, but don’t be stupid

Think of garcinia like any other widely-used medicine – cold medicines, OTC painkillers, etc.

If you use it correctly, you’ll lose weight and nothing else. This is sort of like how if you use a cold medicine, you’ll feel better and nothing else…

…but if you’re going overboard on your cold medicine, you’ll feel even worse than when you started. Don’t do that with garcinia. Buy a bottle of pure extract, take one pill per day, and do it right. Don’t try to make it into something more than it is and you’ll be fine. Your body will thank you, and you’ll be ecstatic when you look into the mirror three months from now.

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